For many years, I professionally draw comics, portraits, album covers and singles, logos and etc.
In this short article I will try to answer the most popular questions of customers. If you still have questions, you can ask me

More my art’s you can find here

Work on comics/artwork etc from scratch is carried out according to the following plan:
If you are just a customer with an idea, then you need an artist + script writer.
Or an artist-writer in one person.
If you already have a script made by you or to order to you — also good.
In the process of creating a graphic novel, the script can undergo changes for various reasons. At the moment, they will not be discussed in detail (you can later … at will)

The artist needs to provide a script (full or part of it)
abstract descriptions of the idea (peace, setting, characters, other plot aspects)
How will the comic be used after the end of work on it (print, or web — if the seal is VERY IMPORTANT to inform about this artist BEFORE getting the picture started, in connection with a whole series of technical aspects that have an inevitable character .If it’s simple — a comic striped exclusively for the web , NOT ALWAYS suitable for printing and publishing it stupidly does not accept)

It is necessary to provide the artist with concept-art characters (if any)
If not, the development of the characters is itself paid for separately.

Comics are not fast and not cheap.
Do not live in a world of illusions, in which most customers come.
«Draw me a comic book of 50 pages, about my husband and me for a week» — a typical appeal of a customer who lives in pink glasses.
Rose-colored glasses, unfortunately, have one bad property — they are beating glasses inwards.
————————————————— —————————-
One page from scratch (outline, inks, color and dialogs)
The rate depends on the urgency of work:
1-2 days page — 100+ $
3-4 days page — 80+ $
The dates and prices may vary depending on the complexity and nature of the illustrations.
But at the same time, prices tend to go only in one direction — upwards.

Drawings at the end in jpeg + TIFF + PSD project.
All of the layers, if desired, then you can proanimirovat of a specialist.

I start work on partial or full prepayment, the client has the right to 2 free edits illustrating further edits for a fee.
The process of editing — after I (the performer) I send you the work approved by me as «ready» (the illustration is ready — evaluate, write wishes)
Fundamental alterations caused by a change in the plot, or other reasons beyond the control of the artist, are also separately paid by the customer.

Payment is made using the system Payoneer
Its easy and cheap service customer provides his full name, city, country + e-mail and in a few seconds receives a simple invoice for payment to his email

Immediately tell if the finished image (possibly) will go to print (there are technical points to consider before BEFORE starting work on the illustration)

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