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More details about the terms of sales and what specifically gives the buyer each of the licenses:

What is leasing (rent) beats:
This form of buying instrumental is the most profitable for both rappers and beatmakers. The beat is given in WAV or MP3 format with the right to write to it and ONLY free distribution (for paid distribution is possible EXCLUSIVELY with the purchase of full rights to the instrumental) recorded song. Copyright remains with the beatmaker and he has the right to sell it further (also on lease) until he sells exclusive rights to it. After the sale of exclusive rights beat completely removed from sale.

The buyer acquires a beat without tags in the format:

  • mp3 320 kbps

(1 stereo track whole instrumental ready to listen and for record vocals on it. But beware! mp3 is high compressed format and not perfect for mix song for radio, streaming etc. If you need that goals better pay attention to next licenses)

How it works:

The buyer does not actually buy the instrumental, but takes it to «rent» for NON commercial releases. However, the author of the beat does not give an exclusive right to use the buyer and can lease beat to other customers, until the bit is purchased exclusively.


(Premium) Extended License

The beat is sent as WAV at least 16 bit / 44100 hz ($ 30) 

master track (mix for vocals sitting in it)

Separately Multitracks\Trackouts
(1 stereo tracks for main sample, 1 mono track bassline, 1 stereo track drums, 1-3 optionaly FX sounds tracks)

The purchase of the Extended (Premium) license gives you the right to commercial use of this bit — more below. Arrangement standard (in detail at the end of the article)

How it works:

Having recorded a song for this instrumental, the Buyer gets the right to use this music at concerts and live shows. Moreover, you have the opportunity to give the composition in rotation on the radio, in accordance with the terms of this license. In addition, synchronize this song in a music video with the right to broadcast it around the world for NON commercial releases. However, the right to exclusive use is not granted. Beatmaker has the right to grant a bit of leasing to other buyers until the instrumental is sold in the exclusive.


(Exclusive) Professional license

The buyer receives a Wav quality of at least 16 bit 44100 master track and on the multi-tracks separately,

(1 stereo tracks for main sample, 1 mono track bassline, 1 stereo or all mono drum tracks, 1-3 optionaly FX sounds tracks)

while the client can coordinate the arrangement changes in this instrument with the author of the beat. A beatmaker can provide you with a written
confirmation that the buyer is granted an exclusive right to use this bit.
The arrangement is standard (detailed at the end of the article) but can be changed at the request of the performer (clarification — changing only the existing arrangements, batches of instruments and sequence. The desire to «add something» is satisfied for a separate payment)

How it works:

This license is aimed at musicians who signed a contract with record labels. The main advantage is that you are actually getting a related right (along with the beatmaker, the buyer becomes the copyright holder of the beat and can use it for any creative purpose) to use this instrumental and is released from royalties.


??MIXING AND MASTERING your songs and your beats

You can order professional mixing and mastering that guarantee your tracks sound’s amazing, ready for Itunes,Bandcamp, Spotify radio etc.

— Mixing from (hourly)

— Mastering (fixed price)

— Mastering an entire album (hourly)

Works are performed by a sound engineer with more than ten years of experience.
In work are used: Analog compressors, River effect processors (reverb, delays, chorus, phasers, flangers), Analog mixing console Taskam M2516, high-quality AC / AD converters, digital processing performed by flagship solutions from well-known Acustica Audio

It is also worthwhile to clarify that the creator of a musical work (instrumental in this case) remains in any case with inalienable copyrights.

For a better understanding of the process, I recommend that you read the Berne Convention on Copyright

the default arrangement format for the instrument:

    • intro
    • 1-Hook 8 Bars
    • 1-Verse 16 Bars
    • 2-Hook 8 Bars
    • 2-Verse 16 Bars
    • 3-Hook 8 Bars
  • Outro

For the purchase contact us:

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